Drop Processing
Drop Processing is an app i put together a while ago for quickly batch processing images (using adobe photoshop). often when using images i would need them to be all cmyk or all rgb and constantly re-doing the same "batch processing" actions in photoshop or having to create a multitude of drag and drop applets.

Drop Processing utilizes applescript automation in order to process images. it's meant to be used as a drag-n-drop app by selecting a group of images and dragging them to the app icon. i like to keep the app in the sidebar of finder windows for quick access.

max. dimension
images can be resized by the longest dimension 0 = do not resize
(i.e. if you enter "50" an 800 x 600 would be sized down to 50 x 38)

resolution can be changed to: 72, 96, 150, 300, or "no change"
(i purposely made this a drop-down menu, as i commonly only need these values)

color space
the usual suspects: cmyk, rgb, grayscale, and "no change"

flatten image
if image is multi-layered, .tif, .psd, etc. it will be flattened to one layer

save as copy
this will append "Copy of" to the front of processed images

set preferences
sets the settings, settings are saved from session to session

as you can see in the video, it's pretty easy to use and it supports all photoshop compatible file types. there are two caveats, all dropped ".gif" files will be converted to ".psd" files and all dropped ".jpeg" files will be converted to ".jpg" files. as of right now it does not support dropping of folders.

download Drop Processing, if anyone is interested in the source, let me know. however i wrote the app using applescript studio, which is no longer supported by apple.

i've tested this app using a osx 10.5 - 10.6.8 and Photoshop CS2 - CS5. i cannot be certain if it will work in lion (my guess is, it will not)

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